Lubo Chapter 6 Page 14
I had Lubo remain in his original form in the previous page so he could still have the element of surprise. Looks like he might've jumped the gun, but at least he's certainly surprised Cane.

Cane sure is confident, until he has to deal with someone else who has powers. But just what IS his power? Well that is the mystery I was going for for this character. I didn't mind showing his face because  I didn't care about keeping that a mystery. Now that I think about it, the reader only know the powers of 5 people. It's time for another refresher!

  • Lubo and Lopu - transformation that increases size and strength
  • Dracmore - copy other powers by sucking the user's blood
  • Rion - create lightning (this is stated instead of shown)
  • Bandit - control his shadow to fight along side him

ボン reads as "bon" and is used for magical transformation.