Lubo Chapter 7 Page 19
It's enjoyable for me to dish out some backstory for Lubo's parents, but I can't give away too much at once, so that's enough for now. Hopefully I'll have some things to say about his mother, Chokai, in a later chapter.

Also in panel 4 all of those names may be familiar to you. They're the policemen shown in this chapter and the previous one. The last name, Akera is a character that hasn't appeared yet, in case you're wondering.

The final panel of this page is the exact opposite of page 19's final panel of the previous chapter as Tyson is giving Lubo a handshake instead of swinging an axe at him. This was totally done on purpose... kinda. I mean yeah the panel's being opposite was intentional, but the fact that they both fall on page 19 is entirely coincidental.