Lucid's Patreon FAQ
Here are the questions I get the most from people about my Patreon. If you still have a question, feel free to email at [email protected] or send me a message on Patreon or Twitter. I will respond as quickly as I can, but it might take me a bit depending on how busy I am. (If you have a question about the comic I will also try to reply, but questions about Patreon take priority.)

$20/month & $15/month:

  • Do I get previously printed books when I sign up?

No. New supporters get printed books of upcoming releases only. You must be a patron at this tier for at least two months prior to the date of release before I can send out the reward. The next reward is scheduled to ship in late October.

  • Can I purchase previously released books from you?

Yes. I have a private store for $20-$15/month patrons where you may purchase previous doujinshi and books. I also have general merch listed there for a discounted rate. You can get access to that in this tag:

  • When will my private store order ship?

If you selected the box to hold your order, your order will ship in the next shipment of physical rewards. I will refund your shipping costs once I ship it out. Other shipping options will be shipped out in 1-2 weeks.

  • Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but you must be supporting me at $20/month due to the higher postage fees. It costs me anywhere from $15-$25 to ship books internationally. :(


  • I’m new! How can I read all of the previous PDFs?

Welcome! Patreon uses tags pretty effectively, so the easiest way to do this is by going to the $10/month tagged posts here: 

  • When are the NSFW extra PDFs released?

Quarterly, meaning every three months. The latest one was released in July, so the next one will come out sometime in October.

  • When are the chapter PDFs released?

When I finish them! I have been able to get quite a bit of buffer at the end of the first two chapters, so I was able to release them a few months before the public updates. I’m not certain I will be able to do that with future chapters since I’m now updating 3 pages a week. I’m guessing Chapter 3 will be done in late summer.

  • Will you ever release the NSFW extras publicly?

Yes, but they will still be behind a paywall. I have tentative plans to reprint the NSFW doujin as a collected book once a year, but I haven't solidified plans for that yet. I will also likely be releasing a public PDF version, but I haven’t decided where that will be sold yet.

  • Can I post/share the PDFs anywhere?

Absolutely not. If I find this being done I will take legal action.


  • I’m new! How can I catch up to the Patreon update?

Welcome! Patreon uses tags pretty effectively, so the easiest way to do this is by going to the $5/month tagged posts here: 

  • When do you update Avialae pages on Patreon?

They are posted at the same time and day as the public updates starting February 21st. Updates are posted at noon CST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Patreon supporters are 10 pages ahead of the public update.

  • When do you post your sketchbook PDF?

I try to release one every month, but sometimes I will wait another month or two to gather more materials for the PDF. I prioritize getting actual pages out on time over sketching so I don't always have much to show in the sketchbook PDFs on busy months.


  • I can’t support you every month, is that okay?

That’s totally fine! I appreciate any amount of support, and I completely understand if you have to dip out for a month or two to be okay financially. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.

The only exception to this is the $20-$15/month tier for physical rewards. You must be a patron at this tier for at least two months before I send out the reward. I do this because I have to pay to print and ship the books and it cuts into the actual amount of support I get.

  • Can I change my reward level each month?

Absolutely. If you want access to the NSFW extras when you can afford it, you can up your pledge for that month and go back down whenever you want. You will have to do this manually, however. I can’t issue refunds because you forgot to change your pledge that month.

  • Can I translate your Patreon content?

No. I appreciate that translation groups are trying to share my work to more people around the world, but I will never support the free translation and posting of Patreon content. This stuff is supposed to be behind a paywall, and I want to keep it that way. Please respect that.

  • Should I tell you if I see someone reposting your work?

If they are reposting content that I have not released publicly, yes, please send me an email or message ASAP. Depending on the situation, I will ask them to take it down first, and if they don’t comply I will take legal action. If they are reposting pages that are public and are crediting me, I don’t care that much. You can contact me if you aren’t sure if what they are posting is okay, and I’ll check it out. I appreciate everyone who lets me know about this stuff!! I of course want to protect my own online integrity, but I also want to protect the value of your pledge.

  • Do you go to conventions?

Yes! My convention schedule can be found here: I will update it as I hear back from cons I’ve applied to. 

  • I found a typo/you forgot Gannet’s piercing again! Is it okay to tell you?

Yes, please tell me. I work fast but I’m also a perfectionist and I love to use the internet as my personal proofreader. :)