The working title of the next album is Lucky Ago. Which doesn’t make much sense, but it feels right to me. Hopefully a better title will emerge through the lyrics, like they did with Majesty (the title is a line from “The Future You is Forever”). Right now Lucky Ago is nothing but a really long text note, but I’m planning on a tightly bound concept album. 

For the past couple years, my focus was on producing a track every month for Patreon, sometimes frantically. There was no top-down design for an album, which is why I ended up going back and redoing so much of the material, including all of the vocals.

This time I’m doing things differently. I’ve got a theme, and I’ve got a couple dozen potential song titles ready to expand on. I’m planning on 10 songs: 8 vocal + 2 instrumentals to start and end the set.

I’ve also got a very particular sound in mind. Definitely not traditional synthpop, and not exactly synthwave either, but close enough that fans of both can appreciate it. I may even write a manifesto of sorts — like a rulebook to keep me from straying too far. Ultimately you’ll be able to hear my inspiration, but the record won’t sound like anyone else.

All of this will unfold here on Patreon, but this time I want to preserve a little more of the mystery. The patron releases and potential singles won’t match the album versions. Instead they’ll be like radio edits of long tracks with extended instrumental sections. Not exactly playlist-friendly!

There’s lots more to talk about, from influences to instrumentation. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!