Lucky Drawing Sketch Request - Elpis
Nyx and Erebus characters belongs to Elpis.  

(I don't have Nyx and Erebus in MYth yet)

Tier Benefits
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Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
$1 or more per month 64 patrons

You will receive:

  • My eternal gratitude. Thank you <3
  • Full access to patron-only posts on Zelda's Patreon (including previews & non-watermarked art and sketches)
  • Monthly e-letter high resolution pdf file 
$5 or more per month 20 patrons

You will receive:

  • 1+ tier rewards.
  • High resolution, large jpg files of weekly sketches.

    - may be used for study, inking/ painting practice, or just personal collection.
    - please do not re-post, share, or any make any other unauthorized usage/ alteration.

$10 or more per month 45 patrons

You will receive:

  • 1+ and 5+ tier rewards
  • Creative Stage Backstage Pass:
    -if current project is web-comic, you will see the finished pages in advance (8+ pages each term)
    -if current project is a painting, you will get its under sketches and step-by-step process.
    -collected in a shared folder, url sent via private message on Patreon during 1st week of your pledging month.
    -please do not share the url with non-patrons.
  • Monthly sketch request lucky drawing
    -eligible to participate with 1 ticket (1 for every $10 pledged)
    -how it works:  
    >>The "lucky drawing" takes place during first week of each month
    >>Winner will be announced and contacted through Patreon message. Please submit no later than 1 week from drawing result.
    >>Any of my original character, characters from other stories, and your original character are OK. Please provide one reference image if requesting a sketch of your OC or characters from other stories (No text descriptions. Sorry!).  Example: "I'd like xxx (name) from xxx (series), maybe xxx (pose/ action/outfit)"
The Three Graces
$50 or more per month 3 of 3 patrons

You will recieve:

  • All the above rewards
  • 5 tickets for Monthly sketch request lucky drawing
  • Surprise mail from Zelda monthly.   

     -may be a written letter from Zelda or any of the following: card, prints, original sketch, hand drawn item, out of print items, or limited edition's a surprise :D
The Sun
$100 or more per month 1 of 1 patrons

You will receive:

  • All the above rewards with the following change:
  • Surprise Thank you mail from Zelda monthly. 

    - Double surprise OuO.  Written letter from Zelda, cards, prints, original sketch, hand drawn item, out of print items, or limited edition bonus?

  • One Free Sketch Request every month. (original sketch mailed to you along with the 'Surprise Thank you Mail')
  • Whenever a new project is printed, a signed copy of limited edition (including all bonus items) will be mailed to you before it's available for purchase to the public.  
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