Lucy sticker art
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! it's been a fairly busy start to the year, which is always good. the only bad part about that is that everything i'm working on currently i'm unable to show since it's all secretive and whatnot.

BUT we finally got our kickstarter books in the mail and we're sooo excited to have them in our hands because now it's actually REAL. like really really real. so, in celebration of that, i'm giving my Patron supporters a high-res PSD of this Lucy sticker that i made for the kickstarter campaign. i've never given my photoshop file with all my layers to other people before. but i wanna spread LITTLE DEVIL art all over the place so, yeah, that's happening. 

i hope everyone's having a good start to the new year. fingers crossed this year will more than make up for last year.