Ludum Dare has been sooooo crazy
Me and my friends Jay & John are participating in #LDJam 35, a 72-hour game jam! The theme of the game is "Shapeshift" and we've had a wild couple days conceptualizing and putting together our entry for the jam. So far the premise is thus: a psychedelic/zen-horror 2D rhythm platformer depicting social issues with apes... You cannot make this stuff up. Here's my latest post on our progress:

(Warning: this is absolutely absurd)

Follow me at to catch us live on stream making the game!

It's 3AM here in Missouri, better try to catch some rest ;)


P.S. Remember our first milestone? The one where I can do livestreams? That's right: thanks to YOU, Patrons, this is awesome thing is possible.

P.P.S. A song for you!