Lumina preview - pg 1
Greetings, Patrons!!

As a special Halloween treat, I've got some early pages of my new short comic Lumina to share!! This 57 pg comic will be available to purchase on on October 31, and I'll be posting the rest of the pages for $3+ patrons over the next few days. GET READY!!!

Lumina is a little pumpkin girl who is TIRED of growing pumpkins! While she struggles not to lose her head on the eve of a big pumpkin festival, Lumina learns that that you don't always need permission to want something different.

This story happens in the same storyverse as Call of the Sentinel (it takes place sometime AFTER the story if you want to get super specific) and fleshes out some characters we'll meet in CotS a bit later.

I've been working on this story since August, and it's meant to be an experiment to see how quickly I could finish a colored short. It's a little bit rougher than Call of the Sentinel ... but rough is good!! I think I can use what I've learned from this process while I continue to finish chapter 3 of CotS.

I'll be making a $3+ post a little later detailing how I'm sketching and coloring these pages. Stay tuned!!

Cheers! 🎃