Luminaria, a cool collaboration project with the Retroverse

Heya, Denizens of the Tower

Now here's a nice treat. I got together with the designers of the Retroverse Setting. They're Lasers & Liches and we came up with a cool crossover.

This is an Yggdrasaur, a monumental dinosaur big enough to support living ecosystems on their backs. This one has a small town named Luminaria. The people that live on them drink water that comes from the creature itself. This water causes them to stay and grow plants and breed animals. In the end all life that grows on the great beast's back returns to it after they die and decay. A nice circle of equilibrium for self-sustainable ecosystems.

If you don't know about it, you can visit the main page of Lasers & Liches here. They have  running funded kickstarter for the Retroverse Setting here.

The profile art for the Yggdrasaur is work by Lluis Abadias (@LluisAbadias)

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