March 6th - 15’ 47” Pisces; 11:05am EST

Conjunct Neptune

Sextile Saturn

Sextile Mars

Conjunct Achernar: “To deal with, or live in, a state of crisis, to identify oneself with crisis. To be in a rapidly changing situation requiring crisis management skills. A time of disruption… Self destructive, or helping others who are self destructive.” (Bernadette Brady, Star and Planet combinations) 


ARIES March 20 - April 19

The New Moon activates an already dense atmosphere in which your psychological preoccupations are resonating strongly. Psychic and empathic abilities are stimulated, but are they trustworthy or merely illusions manufactured by your subconscious? These seem to have a strong influence on your professional goals, though you may not be ready to completely trust your instincts yet about what is developing. Inspiration would like to guide you and seeks to prevail, but you need to also watch out for compulsive tendencies. A conversation that occurs mid March is very significant to bringing about the appropriate conclusion within the next month or so. 

TAURUS April 20 - May 20

A long sought after aspiration could be within reach, and though the route to attainment remains in soft focus, a growing sense of assurance you are on the right path stimulates your activities over the next month. Goals, particularly those linked to education, are augmented by a positive financial development mid - month. Tap your inner resources of ingenuity in order to resolve a complex matter affecting your earnings or lifestyle. Friends and associates could offer guidance, just make sure the people you take advice from have your best interests in mind and not just using you as a pawn within a personal agenda. Trust your instincts and wait a few weeks to draw a conclusion. 

GEMINI May 21 - June 20

Professionally, this is a very impactful New Moon and on one hand you could be on the cusp of realizing an inspired goal or aspiration though on the other, indulging fruitless fantasies or idealism in regard to your objectives. A very personal turning point or reorientation towards your truth that occurs mid month guides the outcome considerably. It’s likely a partnership is playing a role in this and is steering you one way or another. Stay attuned as information trickles in throughout March to see if what is on offer is actually congruous with your goals and long range plans. What looks bright and shiny on the outside could actually be a really problematic situation, so delay decisions for the time being.  

CANCER June 21 - July 22

Long distance and educational goals are highlighted in the New Moon phase, stimulating you to get out and experience bigger and broader frontiers. Since the outlook is colored by Neptune, a creative, spiritual or even romantic influence is sought after now. Mid month, the deepest reservoirs of your subconscious are illuminated, and you may be digging up some internal baggage in order to put past matters to rest so you can take this bold leap into the great unknown. It’s also possible a partnership is being factored in a lot of your choices during this phase, though you also need to make sure that your decisions are equally motivated by your own heart space and desires. 

LEO July 23 - August 22

An intimate connection could flourish under the auspices of the New Moon, though Mercury retrograde could indicate some set backs. With Neptune a focal point of the current Lunar Cycle, if a financial arrangement is resting on tenuous ground, the bubble could burst. Sharing ideas and perspectives with a group of friends mid month could provide an insight that moves your thinking forward, though all decisions should wait until the end of the month, when you come out of the mirror maze. Taking some time out to replenish yourself behind the scenes could have a cathartic effect on your outlook and output in the coming weeks. 

VIRGO August 23 - September 22

True Romance is possible under the auspices of the New Moon and if you haven’t yet found the object of your heart’s desire, it could likely come into frame over the course of the weeks following this impressive lunation. A commitment you enter into has long range implications, suggesting you are looking to build a relationship that can last in this vitalizing phase. Events mid month point to your professional objectives and beg the question - does a partnership have what it takes to move into your future with you? An agreement or conclusion you would like to make may not comfortably fall into place until closer to the end of the month, for now look at your options and enjoy every juicy moment of the process unfolding.  

LIBRA September 23 - October 23

Where a work matter or or health situation has been elusive or difficult to diagnose, news trickles in over the coming weeks that helps you get to the bottom of a problem. Events mid month can point you in the right direction as a significant negotiation or conversation stimulates a buzz on a media or outreach project you seek to put into motion. By the end of March if not early April the pieces begin to fall into place as the direction becomes clearer. A new job or position can enhance objectives related to your living arrangements and enable you to make progress on these goals. 

SCORPIO October 24 - November 21

Romantic and creative passions are stirred under the auspices of the New Moon, starting a new chapter within an ongoing storyline or stimulating the turn of a whole new page altogether. The influence of Mercury retrograde here cannot be underestimated, and signals the potential that a former situation requires revisitation and closure before you are fully able to advance into the next stages of the game. On one hand this could provide a watershed moment in your love life, encapsulating ecstasy and your hearts desire. Equally there is the possibility you have over idealized a person or situation and the bubble bursts where you have failed to acknowledge common sense or even your own intuition about circumstances. 

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 - Dec 21

The New Moon falls in your root cellar, stimulating a period of reappraisal regarding how effectively your living situation is actually nurturing you and augmenting your goals. If your living situation is tenuous at best and not providing emotional assurance and peace of mind, you might determine it’s time to make some changes. Though these might not all come together until later in the month, it’s possible a turning point in a relationship around mid March guides the outcome quite significantly. It might be a touchy period for you or those close to you, take it a day at a time and try to hear the perspectives of everyone involved before you come to a conclusion.

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 19 

The realm of ideas and learning is enriched over the New Moon phase, making you more poetic and amenable to more creative methods of communication. Socially this is a favorable period in which to explore concepts and a lot of enjoyment can be derived through art appreciation in particular. Instincts and insights resonate now, and that idea you’ve been struggling to put words to might finally be articulated over the coming weeks, though potentially not in the manner you expected. Productivity is enhanced by finding better ways to manage your daily hours, (as in you can’t wile them ALL away in a fantasy world,) mid month motivation shows you how. 

AQUARIUS January 20 - February 18

A financial matter that has been pervasively difficult to nail down or understand becomes emphasized this month and begs you untangle a complex web of information that trickles in over the coming weeks. You have the potential to emancipate your earning and savings from an endemic or problematic issue if you can find a way to evaluate you situation realistically. Releasing deceit or illusion makes it possible to reconcile problems. Creative urgency you experience mid month can be the catalyst that shakes up your world view and makes you deal with this head on. 

PISCES February 19 - March 20

This is your New Moon, Pisces, and the main theme lies in how effectively you show your true identity to the world. With Neptune featured so predominantly, if you have been evasive or concealed anything, this could quickly become problematic as these elements of your persona are revealed - to your satisfaction or not. The steps you take now are small and might seem inconsequential, but what you are placing into motion actually has long range implications. You are assured and can act with a great deal of conviction on your personal goals quite effectively now. Combining your efforts with others adds dynamic impact to your undertakings. The Mercury retrograde period will require some reorientation for you, but by mid month - when a domestic matter becomes settled, things begin to make more sense. 

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