Lunchcast keeps rolling
We are 10 episodes deep in the Lunchcast and wanted to let you know you're missing out on some great conversation. If you watch the Tubcast live on Twitch or catch it later on Youtube or iTunes, you know we like to have a good time. And the Lunchcast is just that. It's us hanging out having lunch together with no real agenda or anything in particular we bring to the table to talk about, it just happens naturally. So not only do you get access and get to feel like you're sitting at the table with us in a noisy restaurant and hearing fork clanks or Jeremy choking on his lunch, you also get to help support Men In A Tub as we aim to improve all of our operations. So if you haven't yet, consider jumping on board and laughing with us through lunch, and help us continue to grow and improve the Tubcast Live as well as our Tub Plays. You guys rule, and we appreciate all you do to support us!