Luno Character Sheet + IMPORTANT NEWS **Moving to another country**
Heeeeelloooooo friends!

Here you have more in-deep designs of our favorite Familiar and Tibo's best sidekick: Luno.

He is a magical entity brought to this world to teach his magic student the secrets of energy and how to master his abilities. I think they (Tibo and Luno) make a really cool couple. I hope you like the incoming designs!

ALSO, I HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS!!! I'm moving at the end of September 3 months to Liège, Belgium, in order to work in Abrakam studio! They are developing the online card game Faeria and I'm so excited to work with them as Lead Concept Artist - it's gonna be a blast.

I will keep with Cauldron's content, don't you worry! I will also be doing INKTOBER this year. I hope I will survive to it. 

Cheers and love to everyone!!!