Lust Complex is a real-time 3D game where you take charge of an apartment complex. Find tenants, place spy cams to find blackmail materials and train them to break them. Upgrade your apartments with better quality furniture and rooms to satisfy your tenants before they decide to leave. 

The game is designed to be simple to play with lots of real-time 3D animations and camera control (Coming soon).


  • Apartment complex management
  • Build rooms with different quality levels and visuals: Crappy, Standard and Deluxe
  • Recruit tenants through newspaper, agency or a headhunter to find the best ones
  • Bargain the rent with them to either please them or get more money
  • Spy on them then blackmail them with evidences you find
  • Train them to get more and more money
  • Upgrade your rooms and furniture to satisfy your tenants
  • Several different customization elements for the tenant: Appearance, outfits, personality, job and traits
  • Pregnancy (Not implemented yet)
  • Pay back your debt!


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