Lust Grimm English Translation v13 – Finale!

Our Lust Grimm translation is finished! Thank you so much to everyone who supported us whether through Patreon or with excitement and anticipation for the translations release!

Lust Grimm is a BF RPG where you explore a fairy tale world filled with Succubi and other Monster Girls!

“The protagonist awoke to a completely strange new world, he soon found that it was inhabited by busty succubi!"

Features -

  • 45+ Characters with CG/Scenes
  • 190+ H-Scenes
  • All kinds of Busty Monster Girls!
  • Defeat Themed Scenes
  • A battle system revolving around the lewdest ‘elements’!
  • Lots of collectables!

When we started this game it felt like many other BF RPG games but we quickly grew attached to the story and characters, making us enjoy it way more than we thought we would. By the end of it, we really did get a feeling of “I want to see more of these characters!”.

We really hope you enjoy the game and our translation, please let us know your thoughts and feelings regarding both the game and our translation in the comments! Feedback is always welcome!

The Lust Grimm Translation files are attached to this post but you can also find mirrors here: [MediaFire] | [zippyshare] 

If you haven’t before you first need to extract your game files, a guide on extracting your files and patching can be found – [Here]

If you’ve already extracted your game files because you’ve been following our in-progress releases you just need to overwrite your “LustGrimm\Data” and “LustGrimm\Graphics” folders with the most recent translation files!

Please support 62studio by buying the game on DLSite here : [English] | [Japanese] 

Check out the [Lust Grimm Wiki] created by ULMF user [Green Thoughts] which has a whole bunch of Information and Trivia on both Lust Grimm and the upcoming sequel – Lust Fiend! We recently added a super rough game guide to the wiki which you can find here – [Game Guide] – Although we heavily recommend doing your best to play through the game without using it, only referring to it once you get stuck!

Again, we really really hope you enjoy the game, the lewdness, the story and our translation. If you find anything wrong please don’t hesitate to let us know, while this is our “final” patch if there’s anything notable that we missed or need to fix we absolutely will!

As for what next, we’ll be finalizing our thoughts on which games to translate and will put out a poll in the near future. Hopefully you enjoy our translations enough to look forward to our next game!