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Lut Tarwater, fetchling barbarian 20
Not everybody's cut out to work gemstones, and Lut knew that the first time he took up the tools of the trade. The grit of sand caked under his fingernails was not the life for him, and he ran away to sea to avoid that life.

Being a sailor is no spring picnic, and when you are a creature that doesn't do well in sunlight, well you're just compounding your suffering. It was only when he ended up abducted to work on a pirate ship that he really found his calling: a reaver of the ocean waves. Turns out, when you work better at night by nature, that's a big help when you're seeking to plunder merchant ships or ransom their rich owners off. Lut committed no end of crimes in his reaving days, but whatever event caused him to mutiny and turn in his former crew, he doesn't speak about it. The haunted look in his night-black eyes is usually enough to shut people up.

Still...he's broker than a sailor on a week-long bender (which really...he is), and he's looking for just enough work to keep a roof over his head and his tankard topped off as he enjoys his semi-retirement.

He also prays that old enemies don't come looking for him, like scarred linnorms or pissed-off pirate queens or well-meaning naval enforcement.

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