$25.00 Patrons will get this PRINTED BOOK or any other of their choice from the list below.  

Will ship anywhere in the world! 

Patrons also have the option of choosing one of the following books:

  • Vampress Luxura Volume 1
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 2
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 3 
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 4 
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 5 
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 6 
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 7 
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 8 
  •  Vampress Luxura Volume 9
  • Luxura Universe V1: Bloodhunter
  • Luxura Universe V2: Headhunter
  • Luxura Universe V3: Rescueman
  • Vampress Luxura Sketch Book V1
  • Sword of the Apocalypse Introduction Book
  • Vamperotica Tales From The Bloodvault V1 
  • Vamperotica Tales From The Bloodvault V2  
  • Vamperotica Tales From The Bloodvault V3  
  • Vamperotica Tales From The Bloodvault V4
  • Vamperotica Pin-Up Illustrated V1
  • Vampyre Theatre Graphic Novel
  • Super Fantasy Girls V1
  • Super Fantasy Girls V2
  • Super Fantasy Girls V3   
  • Super Fantasy Girls V4   
  • Super Fantasy Girls V5   
  • Super Fantasy Girls V6   
  • Super Fantasy Girls V7
  • Bad Girls Illustrated V1
  • Bad Girls Illustrated V2   

Before sending out your reward you will be contacted to let me know which book you want for your reward.

In Addition to this Reward Patrons will also receive:

1. Luxura Web Comic Images, Hi-Res JPEGS (4 files)

2. Luxura Pin-Up images, Hi-Res JPEGS (3 files)

3. Vamperotica #18 PDF.

4. Vampress Luxura V4 PDF.

5. Super Fantasy Girls V4 PDF.

6. Work in Progress Sketch Book #4 PDF.

7. Mara Jade Process Video.

8. In The Studio with Kirk Lindo Episodes ( 2 videos)