This next strip was published in San Francisco State University's college newspaper, The "Golden Gate [X]press". It was published about two weeks after the first, on February 24th, 2005 in issue 4, volume LXXVIII.  At this point, the paper would publish one of our strips every other week, since they were a weekly newspaper. The boy is named Michael Gack, and the TV is named... TV.  Michael is named after two elementary school friends I had, and Michael is sort of a troublemaker.  This comic strip was inspired by the tv blocks that were being developed at the time to make sure parents monitored what their kids watched.  I felt in a world with tech talked, monitoring would take a step forward with a supposed "snitch chip" installed into TVs.  In some ways, it's sort of like big brother from George Orwell's 1984, which is my favorite novel.  Sterling and I decided that we needed to make a lot of strips in advanced in order to meet the deadline of the newspaper and this story was one of the few I wrote that Sterling and I thought was funny.