Junker has some strong comments for a bad comedian. This strip is obviously a satire of the Michard Richards (Kramer from the show Seinfeld) incident. We also introduced the word "slag" into the LWR world. It's a slur towards robots. Sterling came up with the idea in using "slag", since slag is the substance that is the result from melting metal. What robot wants to be compared to that? 

I also found out after this strips original release that in the UK, "slag" is slang for prostitute. I didn't expect that. However, in the world of LWR, "slag" is just as offensive to robots as racial slurs are offensive to humans in the real world. I've always wanted to come up with a slur for robots for the purpose of pointing out racism. Originally, I used the phrase "hunks of junk" but thanks to Sterling we have a better idea.

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