This comic is meant for satirical purposes and the opinions expressed by some characters does not reflect the opinions of the writer or artist of this comic.

Here is final part in our homage to propaganda cartoons. As you can see all of this was a dream that SAM experienced. Originally I wanted the Statue's shadow to be facing sideways. That way you couldn't tell that it was the Statue of Liberty until it's revealed with Brian. I asked Sterling if he could rotate the shadow, but he said no.

I think it's a fitting end.  When I wrote this like ten years ago, just a few weeks after there was news that Terrorist groups are getting stronger. Even today, there is a sense of relevancy since like I mentioned it's a cautionary tale on not allowing ourselves to live in a Nutzyland.  I figured that scene with Brian and Junker offers a modern twist to the propaganda cartoon concept.

So this dream of SAM's is over, but what more dreams will SAM have? Only time will tell.  It was added at the last minute, since I realized the dream couldn't have happened with Junker, since he's a robot and robots don't dream.  I quickly came up with this better ending better, since I established in the LWR play SAM has an unique microprocessing chip that makes him different than other robots.  People initally loved it since it didn't feel dragged and just the big surprise came off as a Twilight Zone feel.