SAM and PAM have a conversation. The dent remark is actually a reference from LWR the play. In the play, SAM gets a dent on his arm in which PAM helps to repair. The dent reminds SAM on how he and PAM became good friends. [pauses for ahh moment]

Hope you all like PAM's coloring. Originally, PAM was going to be trimmed with pink, but I thought that was too obvious for a fembot.  Also after developing her character, she just seemed better in purple. The photo in the background is LeAnna Olmos, Divina's late mother.  I'm glad that we were able to post her in the background since we're getting closer to strip 200.  She was mentioned in my LWR play about passing away shortly after Divina was born.  At the time, I wanted to show different families under different circumstances.

SAM & PAM kind of remind me of Adam Link and Eve Link from Eando Binder's book Adam Link. It was an interesting sci-fi book. I was amazed how Adam was like SAM in certain ways, even though I never read the book before developing LWR. If you're lucky to get a copy of that book, it is a must read for sci-fi fans or LWR fans.

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