LWS V4C80 Living up to His Name

Su Yan continued to stare at his system and finally turned to Nie Chang with sparkling eyes, hugging his arm again. "Ah Chang?"

"Mn?" Nie Chang raised his brows and forced himself to suppress his smile. He could already imagine where this would lead.

"Do you still want to do a lot today?"

"Mn. I’ve planned countless things for us to do."

"Really? Like what?"

Nie Chang’s lips almost twitched. His little darling was frowning. He obviously didn’t like that they had things planned already. Most likely, he would have liked to go home and see what this dimension ticket was about immediately. So should he free him of his worries now or should he tease him a bit first?

He thought back to the call between Su Yan and Zhi Bao Yu where his little darling had happily chirped about what a mean person he was. Mn, it seemed he had to give him the runaround for a while to live up to his name?

"Well … First of all, we really need to eat this bowl of noodles."

"Hah? But it’s not even that tasty! The food you make tastes much better!" Su Yan urgently tugged at his boyfriend’s sleeve. How could a bowl of noodles be the reason that he couldn’t go and see his reward?!

"Mn, that’s true but we already paid for it and we have to save as much money as we can so we’ll be able to buy our house as soon as possible."

"That’s not important!"

"What? Our house isn’t important? What would our dog say if he knew you think like that?"

"Ah Chang!" Su Yan scrunched up his face and slapped his leg. "I’m being serious here! If we go home now and see what the reward is for, we might find out that it will get me to the next level. Then the system will tell me how to make money with my stories so we don’t need to save as much. We can just forget about the noodles."

"So it’s like that."


"But what about the rest of our date? We didn’t even get to ride the tandem for long. I feel like I’m not treating you well enough. We should do something else so you can have some more fun."

"I had loads of fun already!" Su Yan grabbed his boyfriend’s shoulders and tried to look as happy as he could under these circumstances. "Honestly, I didn’t have this much fun in a long, long time already."

"Ah? Then what about yesterday when we visited your parents? I thought you had fun there too."

"Uh, sure I had!"

"And Monday, when we went shopping?"

"That was also a lot of fun!"

"And our date last Saturday?"

"That was the most fun I had in a long time!"

"I thought today was —"

"Yes, yes, yes. But this is this week and that was last week. It’s already been a long time since then. And about today … Honestly, I had so much fun today that I feel like I need a break. I think it would be really great to just relax. So how about —"

"Ah! I know!" Nie Chang happily chirped in right when his little darling wanted to propose his idea. "Let’s go and take a stroll through the city. We can relax and even digest our food better. That’s so healthy!"

Su Yan’s eyebrows drew together. "No! There are way too many people in the streets. We should —"

"Go to a park?"

"Nie Chang!" Su Yan slapped his boyfriend’s arm and was laughed at in return. "What are you laughing for? I’m being serious here!" Su Yan wanted to get up in an 'I’ll go home. Do whatever you want' gesture but Nie Chang hurriedly clasped his hand and pulled him back down.

"Alright, alright. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made fun of you. But you were looking so cute right now that I just couldn’t resist teasing you a bit." He leaned over and kissed his cheek but Su Yan refused to stop pouting. Ah, it couldn’t be that he had teased him too much?

Nie Chang looked at the bowls on the table and grabbed Su Yan’s chopsticks, picking some of the noodles up. "Alright, how about this? We hurry up and eat those noodles so that my precious little darling won’t have to go hungry and then we’ll leave the restaurant right away, rush over to where I’ve parked the car and I’ll drive us home. What do you say?"

Su Yan looked at the noodles dangling in front of his face and continued to purse his lips. He wanted to suggest going without eating the rest but finally just opened his mouth.

Nie Chang very accommodatingly sent the noodles into his mouth and picked up the next charge. "You know it’s not good to forgo eating and I wouldn’t want you to get sick."

Su Yan threw him a glance that could only be described as half angry. Then he opened his mouth and let his boyfriend continue to feed him.

Nie Chang happily smiled. Alright, maybe he was also guilty of teasing Su Yan every now and then because he knew that his little darling wouldn’t be angry for long. Coaxing him back to happiness wasn’t that hard after knowing him for so long.

"You see that reward isn’t going to disappear just because we spend five more minutes here. And you know? We could even use the time on our way back home to finish the other task, couldn’t we?"

Su Yan stopped eating and turned to him with puzzled eyes.

Nie Chang laughed and ruffled his hair. "Don’t tell me you forgot? The main task about the genre? The one where you have to read all those stories? Maybe the next one won’t be so long. We could finish it on the way home."

Su Yan’s eyes lit up. Right! Why hadn’t he thought of that? Actually … He slid closer to his boyfriend and snuggled up against his side, grinning like a fox. "Ah Chang, say, how about you read the next story to me too? Actually, you could already start now. I can eat alone." He stole the chopsticks back from Nie Chang and picked up some noodles to make sure his boyfriend understood. Then he slid the phone across the table for Nie Chang to pick it up and start working.

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