Lynn reacts to... She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 1 episodes 1-3
Surprise Lynn Reacts time! This first one, like most of them, is available to everyone. Yay! It also covers the first 3 episodes so I can have a nice even set going from here, but I'll be honest, I'm probably going to select a few days to bingewatch the show. I loved these first three episodes and I'm only tearing myself away because there are things I really, really ought to be doing.  Because it's NaNoWriMo, I don't have a set schedule yet, but I'll do my best to keep you all updated so Discord patrons have a chance to join in on the fun! :D

As always, these are my reactions as I watch, so they contain spoilers and yet make little sense if you haven't also seen the episodes. I'm super-excited, though. This is setting itself up to be everything I want in a story. I adore Adora, Bow and Glimmer and I love Catra. And the set-up. I'm not too fond of the way its handled because "Oh, we're not going to give you answers even though we can because Reasons" isn't my favourite trope, but at the same time I NEED ME SOME ANSWERS.

I should also note: I have never seen the original She-Ra, as far as I know. I've heard of it, but if I've seen episodes I've forgotten all about them. (As in "you can show me the opening themes from the original She-Ra and He-Man shows" and the latter will ring a vague bell and the former none at all".) So don't go expecting me to catch references and nuggets that were put in for fans of the original or the like because I will be clueless. (Do share them, though, if you spot any yourself! I'd love to hear about them!)

Episode 1

Surprise!She-Ra livereacts!

Mainly because I'm very very tired today and I'm hoping watching bright things will kickstart my brain into gear. [eyes pile of stuff she needs to do]

I'll watch the first three episodes today and then try to shift to a pattern again!

Iiiiiiit's sooooooo colourful. I love it!

Wait. Is that.

[runs off to google]



Ooow, well, we're off to a very exciting start!

Well, that's got to be expensive to replace if you just DESTROY the training equipment.

I like Catra.

Yeah, no. Adora is never letting that one go, Catra.

Shadow Weaver: Look, Adora. Attention like such you have only dared dream of.

Adora: [starry-eyed]



I don't blame Adora for not realising it one bit and I like how the show's set that up, but OBVIOUS TRAP IS OBVIOUS TRAP.

I can't argue with Glimmer there.

Fighting IS supposed to be dangerous.

[ded of giggles]

Awwww, Catra purrs when she's happy.

Kitty tail

Yeah, your not-caring is VERY OBVIOUS, Catra.

Awwwww, their friendship is much cuter than I hoped it'd be.

Catra, you're ALREADY in the Whispering Woods.

Oh, wisps.

Wow, Catra. You're bossy.

Awwwwwww, Bow is sweet.

Who are the First Ones?

Well, that didn't take long to convince Glimmer. XD

This is bound to go terribly. In the best way.

You suuuuuuure there's no sword, Adora?

Oh, poor Adora. They got to the sword first.

Thank you, Adora. I would like the same answers too.

Aaaaand we didn't get them.

Bow needs a hug.

Is it that obvious, Bow?

Adora, sweetling, you don't know the Horde like they do anymore than they know it like you do.


Oh, wow.

That was really powerful.

Wait what.


Don't end the episode there.

Time for episode 2!

Episode 2

That bug turned very obedient very fast.



Oh, Bow. I love you already.

Hopefully "in there" has answers about what's going on, Bow.


Adora can just magically read an ancient alphabet of the First Ones.

Considering how unlikely Adora's ability to read that script is, you have to forgive Glimmer's scepticism.

I love the bickering.

It's brilliant.

ooooooh pretty

Oh, look.

Who would have guessed. ADora is magic.

Well, that's not good.

Guys, maybe tave -- Thanks, Bow.

That's not good.

Rub it in, Bow.

I love how much he clearly cares.

Adora, you live in a place called the FRIGHT Zone?


Oh, look. They're SO NICE in the Horde.

That's not helping, Bow.

I think she just broke Bow's heart by not having parties.

Oh, her reaction to food.

Glimmer's not-impressed face.

Poor Bow.

And Adora's seen her first horse.

And she's fallen in love with the horse.

Oh, right.

We need the Horde to do something evil to prove to Adora that the rebels are telling the truth.

Oh, bless you, Adora.

That's just not going to work.

I love the happy-purring.

Oh, Catra.

Common sense happened to her, Catra.


Well, that was a switch of faith in Adora there.

Suuuuuure, it was Catra.

Catra, if you leave with Adora, Shadow Weaver WON'T have your head AND you'll have Adora.

Ooooh, transformation sequence!




Wow, she DOES look scary as She-Ra.

Bye, Catra!

Awwwww, I like the Glimmer/Adora friendship.

And Bow's reaction to it.

Horse: Imma tag along.

Time for episode 3!

Episode 3


Where's the sword?

Oh, there's the sword.

Oh, Bow, that's way too obvious.


The intro!


I'm going to be so here for the Glimmer/mom interactions.

Awwwww, Glimmer trying to introduce Adora to her mum.

I love Adora's reaction to this horse.

And its unimpressed face.


That is one confused horse.

I hope that horse will be named Horsey all season.

Wow, Bow wasn't kidding about the pitchforks and torches.

Wow, Catra.

Still faithful to Adora in some ways because friendship bonds.


Who's Mara?

Madame Razz, you're confusing.

How even are you getting up there?


Oh Catra.

Oh Catra no.



I like Madame Razz.


Oh, yeah. I LIKE Madame Razz,

Oh, the horse is called Swift Wind.


But wheeeeeeere is the sword?

I love the massive glowing She-Ra does.

I am teary-eyed.

Awwwww, the hugginess.

Catra, you should've left with Adora when you have the chance.


That's a lovely set-up for the next episode/

But that's for another time!