Lynn reacts to... Regal Academy S1 Episodes 1-6
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It's a little late - I'm sorry! - but here it is! The first wrap-up collection of Regal Academy reactions. Regal Academy is an Italian show from 2016 where an ordinary girl just so happens to find her way to a magical academy in Fairy Tale Land. You see, she's actually Cinderella's granddaughter and now she's going to a new school where she gets to make new friends and learn all about magic.

And... Well, that's all I'm going to say about it for now. It's really a show that you need to see in order to believe it. It's... Well, you'll see.

Like with the other livereact this month, I'll be marathonning this - for 6 episodes instead of 4 - throughout December. Except this time it's on Wednesday evenings instead of Mondays!

Episode 1

Oh, wait. It's Wednesday! That means it's time for Regal Academy episodes 1-6.

In my defense, I'm really not feeling well and I'm just glad I remember at all. I'm so sorry, though. 

I've got it written on my calendar and everything.

So! Let's get started!

I've already seen some of the episodes of this, but never got to finish.

I didn't get very far either.

Episode 1 is now up!

We ioen to a mouse creature with a key.


I don't think it knows what windows are.

How do you not know what extracurricular activities your school has?

Oh, no. No, there are going to be fairytales, mother person.


Rose: Nothing on earth will make me late for school!

Also Rose: SHOE SALE.

Gosh, I wonder which fairytale character she's related to.

Bye, mousey!

That's just delivered the key to Rose.

Rose, do they even know where to deliver those shoes too?

And chance encouter will tell her what to do with the key.

Magic door!

I forgot how much this episode felt like it was just trying too hard.

That is a really small door

Seriously, Rose. How hard was it to fit through that door?

Dragon transportation

Of course

And of course no one wonders why Rose is there.

Oh, good. Everyone's asking about who she is now.

How do they know she's Rose Cinderella?


Because she IS Cinderella.


Aaand she's fainted from excitement.

Your hair... doesn't like to share things?

Ah, apparently they get divided into teams rather than, idk, classes.

There's an entrance exam?

Rose, don't get distracted.

Oh, look. It's the handsome guy of the series.

And there's the other one.

So the most popular boy and the Bad Boy are on the same team.

Hawk, for the love of everything, it's AN APPLE.

Oh, now they have to get five stamps to actually get admitted into the school.

well, that's going well.

Rose, are you for real?

Something is about to go horribly wrong.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Hawk.

I could not have guessed she was checking the chandelier.

Awwww, well, that's actually sweet.

Still, trying too hard, show.

Oh, look. The antagonists have shown up

How does that even WORK?

Okay, so they're on a kind of quest to get admitted, yes? But... there's a rule that says they have to start over finding all the stamps if they "lose their place" and. How? How does that work?

They already have the stamps and know where the stamps are?

And why would you start over anyway when you've already collected the stamps?

One of the characters was all "I don't like this rule". I'm just sat here going "WHO EVEN COMES UP WITH A RULE LIKE THIS?!" Like... At least explain the stamp-collecting process enough for the rule to make sense in context.

They get GRADED for this?

They at least get graded separately.

Hi, Cinderella!

Okay, so... Cinderella's magical power is turning pumpkins into carriages.

Are we going to get an explanation on how Rose is a Cinderella, show?

Rose, don't you recognise yourself in pictures?

Rose, aren't you going to ask your grandmother why your mother and father haven't told you about this?

Rose can summon pumpkins.

WHY shouldn't she tell her mother about the magical fantasy school and meeting her grandmother?

Episode 2

Episode 2 is up next!

Rose has collected all the admission stamps.

And has decided that even though she only has the admission stamps the only thing that can beat it is a dragon scale.


Rose Rose Rose. You have NO CLUE what else is out there. How do you know dragon scales are all that can beat being descended of a fairytale character?

(Also how do her parents not know what kind of activities are available at her school? Presumably they looked it up.)

You know, this whole "falling out of the sky without a parachute to get to school" thing doesn't seem very safe.

Especially considering they have, you know, a GATE that she left through at the end of the last episode.

WHy not use that?

And now we're getting introduced to Moar Dragons!


So there are dragons guarding the gate between Earth and Fairy Tale Land. But also the keys open up a new gate IN THE SKY.

And now they have regal school armour.

A what now?

Well, at least Rose is having fun.

By dreaming. XD

Well, at least Rose got the dragon to wake up.

Rose is so happy for everyone.

I'm not sure how that works when dragons choose the riders, but okay.

Oh, look. A photo of Rose's mother.

Well, have any of you flown a dragon before? Maybe you all need the pointers.

Thanks for sort of standing up for Astoria, Hawk.


For people who were told to respect dragons - by dragons - (because they're sentient beings), these people are incredibly disrespectful to their dragons.

Oh, Travis wants to be an artist, by the way. I guess there goes the bad boy theory.

Rose, maybe you should... IDK, keep old of the reigns?

Er reins

Rose, you're not on the Titanic

Uh oh.

Rose's dragon is magically asleep.

I think the question isn't "Why are you always falling" but "Why are you not DEAD" because of it.

Oh, yay. A magic lamp.

That's... a lot of magical flying carpets.

Where were they when Rose fell out of the sky?

Her sleeping dragon's flying in her sleep.

Oh, now she's saved the dragon.

Saved the dragon from what? A magical nap?

The dragon races are really pretty, though.

And then everyone fell off and Rose has to rescue them all.

Well, they all caught up quickly.

I'm honestly surprised that dragon hasn't tried to toss Vicky off.

I do love how genuinely happy Rose is when her friends do well.

Technically, that was already a question, Rose.

And that wraps up episode 2.

Episode 3

Oh, god. The next episode is going to have a kissing quest.

Rose what are you up to?

Rose, what are you doing outside the window?

Rose, answer the question.

Oh, the teacher is late for class.

That's a very strong vine.

Astoria, I don't think it counts if you read the answers for the book.

Astoria, did you you find a copy of the quiz?



If no one's written about the newly discovered flower... Why does it have a name? How do people know it exists?

SOMEONE wrote about it.

Wait what.

So this previously undiscovered plant grows very close to a very clearly inhabited castle - it's the Frog Prince's castle - and even though NO ONE HAS WRITTEN A WORD ABOUT IT Rapunzel knows that dragons are terribly allergic to it.


HOW does this make ANY sense.

Now I remember why I didn't finish this series.

Rose, you are the most distracted person ever.

I don't think that qualifies as genius.

Well, that's no good. Joy lost her magic wand thing.

Are you suuuure tat's going to be the BEST idea, Rose.

Oh, the magic wands get transformation sequences now?

Rose what are you doing and how do you NOT notice the giant swamp monster everyone is dealing with RIGHT BESIDE YOU

Great. Now Rose is saving a boot.

Also a person, but she's all about saving the shoes.



Yes, they're doing transformation sequences with wands.

Look, if you're doing the magical girl transformation scenes, I want an ACTUAL TRANSFORMATION, not a wand.



Monster: Awww, you like me? [hearts]

Travis: I'LL SAVE YOU!

HOW is Joy turning into a frog a problem?

You WANTED her to turn into a frog.


Hawk, along with snow magic (read: ice) also has mirror magic. Wherein he summons a mirror version of himself to give advice.

So he just did that to be all "OMG! How will we ever find Joy amongst all these frogs? We shall never know which of these SENTIENT FROGS THAT HAVE NAMES is Joy".

And his reflection went "Well. Kissing always turns frogs human. Kiss all the frogs. You'll find Joy. Probably. I think."


Oh, look. It was very easy to find Joy.

I just found her just by watching the frogs act.

And Joy just found the flower.

I don't like Vicky.

Seriously, Rose. You're making a boat?

What happened to just calling Joy's name?

I still think that's a much better solution.

It's a POND.

Also, this flower is called the "Berry-Bon RIVER lotus".

Why is it in a pond?

Astoria: [immediately jumps on mirror!Hawk's suggestion to kiss all the frogs to find Joy]


Like. I get that this could be great character building for a nerdy, bookish character getting friends, but. She literally never put finding the flower over helping her friend in the first place?



You lost touch when you were babies.

How did you lose touch because studying?

Odette: I know how we can find Joy. I will dance and this will make everyone dance. Because Joy is actually human, she'll be the only frog who dances like a human.


Like, I know this is something in other circumstances I would apply suspension of disbelief to, but COME ON.

The most sensible and logical approach to this - especially if all the other frogs are not sentient enough to respond to human speech with human understanding - is to just CALL FOR JOY and watch which frog responds in a non-froglike manner.

Of course they're making a platform for her to dance on.

With a song.

In swan form

And Rose gets a feather.

Oh, look. They've found Joy.



Give the thing that dragons are allergic to to a dragon,

Because that is totally a friendly and nice thing to do.

Aaand it's time for episode 4.

Episode 4

How do they only have one class per day?

Well, she's polite at least.

I am pretty sure you weren't on the podium in the previous shots, Wolfram.

And you're going to get first year students to get the superpowerful magical items?

That looks like a fridge.

Thanks, Rose.


How would a worm eat a person?

Evil characters in this universe apparently don't rhyme.

Wow. They have to have dragons summon their armour ALL the time?

What is the point of magic armour if it needs to be recreated from scratch every single time?

Also if they're not allowed to ride dragons without their armour, how does Rose get to fly them.

Oh, the hen is evil.

I'm amazed people climbing Astoria's hair aren't hurting her.

Oh, that's why the worms might eat them. They're giant worms.

Astoria, two episodes ago your grandmother told you NOT to lock yourself into a tower.

I suppose if I was a golden hen whose eggs kept getting stolen, I might turn evil too.

"How can he be evil if he washes his hair?" What?

That poor giant.

[throws up her hands]

Aren't you all forgetting someone?

Thanks, they've just remembered Astoria exists.

Astoria, previous episode: Even though I have literally never put grades above my friends, I am so sorry I put grades above my friends. I am totally here for you all.

All of Astoria's friends, this episode: There's a giant chasing us. I'm sure Astoria can look after herself just fine. BYE!


Why do you want to get rid of the one person who utterly fails at anything magic related?

That poor giant.

Fairytale Land has roller skates. Just so you know.

Oh, god. Are we really going the "good people look good" route?



I am rolling my eyes SO much now.

How does tower magic translate into magical ivy?

You're not filled with confidence because it's Rose, Travis.

Well, it's good to know her magic lasts when it's convenient to the plot.

Oh, wow. Is the destruction of clothing going to be a thing?

Sure you are, Vicky. Keep dreaming,

Episode 5

And we're up to episode 5!

Well, that's one of us who can't wait, Hawk.

They're... going to get pets too?

Snow White, you're the HEAD MISTRESS of the school. Don't you know how your grandson is doing?

well, Snow White's really trying to match her grandson to a princess.

How do you even know what the robot IS?

There are tiny cats.

That talk.

... If the only purpose of the flower is to make hair grow in your mouth... why did you pick it?

Well. At least Rose is happy with everything that hapens. Literally.

How do you decide to make getting a pet dependent on grades?

This is a terrible idea, Hawk.

Show, you know that the ugly duckling was a swan, right?

How do you add magic to a potion?

How did she even summon a troll?

She's not wrong there.

Oh come on, Rose.

Those rats are cute.

Travis: I don't want to be a fighter person. I want to be an artist!

Also Travis: [tries to solve every problem by fighting it]

I'm sure that'll backfire, Joy.


It didn't work.

Oh for.

Okay, so they were supposed to make a magic potion that summons a creature, right?

And then they'd get to get a pet.

What they did was... create a potion that summoned a creature (a troll) and... apparently they've now failed the class.

(Fine. Fine. The potion was supposed to summon a small animal, but "a small animal" was NOT part of the original assignment brief.)


The dragon won't give you armour, so you're just going to tickle it into breathing on you?

Well, that's certainly timely.

How is a copy of 1001 Nights going to help?


We're going to go the route of telling 1001 stories to postpone things.






What happened?

I'm glad the show is self-aware enough to realise that book Rose just wanted to have is HER OWN BOOK.

Poor Rose.

She just overheard Snow White saying she couldn't even summon an ant.

So... The students make the potion that they summon the creatures from?

That doesn't look like a griffin.

awwwww, sleepy owl

Why would you want a griffin instead of a dragon?

Oh, look. The mousey is back!


That's actually really sweet.

She just screamed at the mouse because she's terrified of rodents.

And five seconds later she's all "Oh, no! That poor mouse! It's so scared and confused! And the first thing it knows is someone screaming at it! I HAVE TO FIX THIS"

Episode 6

Episode 6 is next!

Well, at least we're getting some narrative continuity.


Didn't they need special extrastrong magic for it to work on dragons?

So... Why has Vicky's sleep magic worked on them TWICE now?

Shouldn't they have spent some time studying dragon care BEFORE geting their own dragons?

AWww, poor hungry dragon.

Snow White, do you really want those apples back?

Considering the dragon ATE them?

Did you just EAT the apple that was in your dragon's mouth?

Shouldn't someone... tell Rose's mother about Regal Academy?

This show would be so much better if Rose was neurodivergent and they... didn't play her reactions to everything for laughs?

Aaand it's sleepover time.

Rose, you think EVERY fairy tale is the best fairy tale ever.

Rose, you've seen your room before.

In episode 1. The first day you were here.

Thanks, Joy

Well, that certainly isn't good.

All the pets are now jumping on the bed.

Rose, did you even know shoemaker elves existed before this moment?

Well, I guess we know where Rose gets her "Shoes are more important than people" from.

awwww, Gigi got a mouse-sized motorcycle made out of pumpkins.

Oh, Rose.

Well, I guess Vidal doesn't want to jelp out.




That's not the armour. That's a force dragon.

Well, at least they summoned the dragon not the armour.

Well, that's certainly not suspicious.

Rose, you fail at interrogation.

lol Gigi

Rose is just useless because she's hugging shoes.

I don't think Shoe Land exists, Rose.

I'm pretty sure that's the three goats.

Oh NOW Vidal is going to be brave.

How does that make sense?

Oh, Rose.


Of course Gigi was useful. Gigi is AWESOME.


[buries her face in her hands[

And that's a wrap for Regal Academy today. I... recalled the show being, um, better? Or at least more coherent.

Patreon Post Additions

No, really. I'm not kidding. This is the most incoherent narrative I've seen in... some time. I just. I really remember the episodes I saw being less... this. I mean, sure, if I was a child I'd probably adore it to pieces because it is fun. Just... not in a coherent way. Or even a particularly sensible one.

That said, I will say that I do genuinely like Rose's enthusiasm for her friends. It's just... really nice to see a show protagonist who is that happy for her friends when things go well. Even if I dislike the way the show handles the "klutz with a heart of gold" characterisation, she does very clearly have a heart of gold. (Point in case: see her reaction to her reaction to Gigi when it's already been established that she's scared of rodents.)

Also Gigi is just adorable. (Look. I'm weak. Give me cute rodent characters and I'm sold. Unless it's Watership Down.)

So... Yeah. I do hope the show's writing picks up a bit because it really isn't very good in these episodes and that's a shame because it's a really fun premise to work with, especially since we know Rose isn't the only one to travel from earth to the school and back every day, but she is the only one who didn't know she was related to a fairy tale character.