Lyric Exploration
So...I know I said my song was "finished" at least in the structural sense but I realized it isn't. Upon proper reflection, I realized it actually never felt quite right. I felt like I was kind of was putting things into a box to make them fit in a certain way when in reality they never wanted to be this way. 

I felt like the verses and the choruses weren't matching up. I was trying to make them work but they didn't want to work. Each in its natural state wanted to be with a counterpart that was an extension of itself and I didn't do that justice. I tried to force them to be with each other and it wasn't working.

So I did what I had an inkling I'd do when I first started writing it months ago - make it into two different songs. One will be about Hailey's story and the other will be something different.

So now the woman in white song challenge is to create an apt chorus.

And the other song challenge is ton finalize the verses (which are for the most part ready. They were already in there during my initial creation practice session of the song, which I recorded) and also to add a bridge. It needs a bridge so a bridge is shall bear.

So...the following two posts will be the lyrics, in progress, for each song. I'm not sure when those posts will be up, but they will be next.

Thanks for staying tuned. <3

This is public because it will let people in on a bit of what my Patreon is about. <3

And for anyone who knows me on Facebook, you might get this reference:

Maybe Gramma Reese knew it.

Jenn :)