M4 Shermorty - "Rick & Morty" fanart
 "I turned you into a tank, Morty! This chip turning you into a car just wasn't enough. Now you're a Sherman, Morty! You're M4 Sh-Sh-Shermorty, Morty... you're all covered in armor, Morty! y-y-your whole body is armor. You can go BOOM, Morty! Together we can obliterate everybody who says that Birdperson deserved it... And then get all the Kalaxian crystals in the multiverse. Go Morty, do it for grandpa! LET'S ROLL OUT!" 

 "Rick & Morty" fanart drawn in Corel Painter X :D In case someone hasn't seen it yet - Rick is a scientist and Morty is his grandson. The drawing is inspired by an episode where Rick tells Morty to turn into a car, because earlier he had installed some nanobots in his bloodstream to make that possible. And I think that a car just isn't enough ;D