MA#17 Miners Rest
Road trip!

 Lets go to the Gorgon Crags.  But wow, it is a very long trip and I'm getting sleepy and hungry.  Miners Rest is up ahead.  A little place along Big Nose Creek to set up camp for the night.  The Ancient Ram Inn serves sturdy pint of ale and a suspicious, but filling bowl of boiled potato stew.  

In case I'm in need of specialty services I can take a short walk to the Bloody Barbers.  These sick bastards will cut my hair, pull my teeth and saw off any annoying appendages I have.  All in the same chair!

Lastly, before my head hits the cold, hard ground for some sleep, I'll need to prove my manhood on Grudge Rock.  Miners and adventurers alike called me out until I took a swing.  If I knock off a piece and become King of the Camp and drink for free.  

Thank you awesome patrons for your support.  And a special thanks to Andy for his invaluable assistance with making my adventures better.