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MA#51 The Weeping Witch
The Weeping Witch is done and ready for use.  I've been working on this one ever since I saw Jeremy Hart's piece, the one featured on the cover.  Not that I need a reason, but it being fall, the creep toward Halloween and the weather turning colder, my mind went to witches, bats and big ass wolves.  

The Weeping Witch is an 8-page zine adventure that features some great art from the already mentioned Jeremy Hart, Joe J. Calkins and Maciej Zagorski.  I'll have more pictures of the physical version on my blog.

Normally only my $5 patrons get a copy, but I'll send this one out to my $2.50 patrons also since both offerings so far this month have been zines.  I'm also planning accompanying the adventure with an NPC card, the second in the series.  

Thanks for the support and as always, enjoy the adventure.