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MA#63 New World Goblin
I apparently used the word goblin 26 times in a second draft of this adventure. It's not that long. I did a read aloud with Ivy, she said, "you use the word goblin a lot". 

"That's cause he's a goblin," I mumbled. Then counted the goblins and started to edit again.

What's new with goblins. Not all that much, but again I like to play with the concept of things within game. I was inspired by Rick Hersey's picture that is features on the NPC card (Trobor) that is featured this month. Most of the goblins are green or a variation of puke colors.  This one was purple. So I thought, what if a goblin with purple skin is a portent to prosperity for the goblins?  

So Trobor becomes a potential goblin of greatness. But he's not there yet. Trobor is smart. He goes into every situation knowing more than his opponent. Right now he's in a vulnerable position. He needs to prove himself. To himself. He's concocted a plan. A plan that may change goblinkind forever. He plans to awaken the goblin god, but it's been so long since anyone has uttered his name, that it has been forgotten. 

Trobor questioned the shaman and collected enough information to make an educated guess where a goblin temple once stood. There he hopes to discover the name of goblin god, awaken him, and take his place as the Goblin King.

Sounds ambitious. Even admirable. But Trobor is looking to establish goblins as a dominant power. That means he could care less about the welfare of the other races. This is demonstrated by his brutal way of dealing with the women and children of the homesteads. Humans are a powerful enemy, no mercy can be spared or they will consume the land, stealing it from the goblins once again. 

Trobor could either be a long running NPC who always puts himself in the best position or a one-shot goblin who got too big for his britches. That is always a trick for a GM, to develop a nemesis for the party.

Thanks to my patrons. Fricking awesome month. Really has been. We reached the goal of NPC cards and the first one is Trobor and it turned out awesome. It looks like a giant playing card. I hope you guys enjoy it. I've included the PDF of the card along with the adventure and the maps.