MA#67 Death Coins
Another addition into the ruin/crypt/dungeon areas I am developing to populate the Komor Forest sandbox. What I want to do is make enough of these, then create a random table so folks can randomly populate the forest with these sites. Ideally I would love to get a 100 (stop laughing) of these done of various sizes. There are a few of my older micro-adventures that I could also use, but a 100 is a pie in the sky number. 

I've expanded the the Komor Forest monster selection with a new critter, a Grave Guardian. It is basically a dedicated stone golem. Because of its high hit dice value and immunity to normal weapons, it could make a nasty opponent. Also I added blood skeletons. These guys are a nasty lot. More powerful than a regular skeleton and they have a nasty surprise if they are left unattended after their defeat.

You'll find more references to the crow, an important part of the Northmen death mythology. A component of the mythology I added were the death coins. Silver coins with a crow minted on one side, sold by the temples. Northmen believed they could take it with them, but only if they had the right currency. The temples sold the simple death coins at an extortion rates. Today they'd be worth about a 3rd of their weight in silver. In the early days the coins were large and pure silver, in the final age of the Northmen, the temples were corrupted and death coins became small and the silver impure. 

I wanted to give a shout out to the new patrons this month...Jim Lewis, Gordon Cranford, Craig Janssen and then to patrons upped their pledges...Allen Bray (my wife calls him Barry Allen) and Daniel Norton. There has been a lot of activity with pledges, but overall it has been a positive and I hope those who have fallen off stick around and check out the PDFs. Thanks new patrons and thank you to the patrons who left. Your support was and is appreciated.

Enjoy the adventure.