Another from my sketch book.

Still on my Big Mac kick... Now let the “Shipping” begin! I feel sorry for Cheerilee, and think that she is a better love interest for Big Mac then Marble Pie (Seen here with Big Mac). Not that I don't like Marble Pie , I think they make a cute couple, but I have issue with the fact that they are “Second cousins removed by a third” (as quoted from Pinkie Pie). 

Did more detailed coloring this time. The time it took to do this, I could have done in half the time if I just drawn and cell shaded in Sai, or Photoshop. This was supposed to just be a warm up sketch, before working on an actual commission, and I meant to only spend 30-45 minutes on this, but I kept picking at it, then recolored it, and I spent to much time on this. *Shrug* 

Media: Pencil on paper, recolored with digital

Size: 7” x 8”

Date: Nov, 2015