Mac-n-Cheese Is Soooo Easy
Macaroni and Cheese is such an easy dish to prepare.  Now, don't get me wrong, it could be a very complicated recipe to put together depending on whether or not you're making it with a bechamel sauce but there is such an easier way to make this wonderful comfort food at home.  One of the key ingredients to making this wonderful dish come to light is heavy whipping cream.  Yes, I said Heavy Whipping Cream!  Simply grab your favorite cheese or cheeses (if you're a cheese geek like me) and after bringing your cream to a simmer, kill the heat and stir your cheese into the cream until fully incorporated.  From this point you want to pour the cheese sauce over the pasta that you've prepared (after following the instructions of course) and then add any additional goodies to it (i.e. bacon, chicken, beef, pulled pork, etc.)