Mac Truck
This painting was the highest technically that I was able to achieve with realism painting. After this one, I wanted to do something else completely. But I did enjoy working on the details of the tire treads, the holes in the muffler, the details in the attached labels and licence plates etc.   The process of realism facinated me. I had wanted to know that I could do realism if I wanted to. It was early in my career as an artist and I was worried about failure. It was one of the reasons that I worked so very hard at the process. This type of painting takes hours of hard work. It is the number one question I have been asked all my life as an artist. "How long does it take you to do a painting?" The difficulty of that question is that the amount of time it takes does not make a great painting. I have done some abstract paintings in one hour and I can say that they are every bit as good as the mack truck pictured above.  I'm not saying that the mac truck is not an important painting, but is not one of my  finest simply because it took the most time I have ever spent on a painting.  Hope that makes sense:)

But where do you go from there? It was a good place to start asking deeper questions about why I wanted to paint in the first place  or why I was drawn to subjects the way I found myself doing. The ploughed fields of the past....why did I find that interesting? When I worked for hours and hours on realism I had a lot of time to think about these sorts of things. It all helped me steer my work towards new ideas.

My next post will start to show that change in direction.