One of them approached the space plane and touched it. The other three stayed behind.

 - You really did it. You really bought one. All this time, I always thought you were joking… I think you're the only person I know who actually has one of these...

Another of their friends spoke:

 - I knew your parents were loaded, but I didn't know they were this loaded... Do you guys need any help spending all of that money?

 - Come on, let's do this!

 - Seriously, I can help! You don't have to keep on buying stuff like this!

 - Here are the suits, put them on!

None of them were really sure they were actually doing it, but there they were, putting on the suits and laughing at each other.

 - You know, for someone with so much money, your choices when it comes to fashion are far from perfect… I can help with that too, by the way!

They finally got on the ship and got strapped to their seats.

The only place they'd ever been even close to a spaceship was a space museum.

Running a hand - or, rather, a glove - over the controls, the desire for speed grew, knowing it would soon be fulfilled.

As for the conversation at the back, it would soon be covered by the sound of the takeoff explosion.

 - Are you sure you know how to fly this thing?

 - Really? That's your concern? How about: "Hey, are you sure this thing can fly? Are you sure it can land safely back again?" Or, more importantly, once we break the speed of sound, will you still be able to hear us joking? You know, among the screaming, the explosion, the vomiting… Oh, if we do throw up, will the vomit reach your seat, or is it landing straight on our faces?

The last switch was flipped on.

 - I guess we're about to find out...

 - You know I was joking, right? I know that we will keep on hearing each other...

 - I know...


The whole ship rumbled, but to them, the whole planet seemed to be trembling.


It seemed mighty slow, at first, but it was unstoppable.

The acceleration increased and propelled the whole ship up.

They laughed nervously, but none of them were cracking jokes anymore.

The ship finally tilted just a little bit.

 - Is this normal? Is this intentional? Do we have parachutes? The ship has a giant parachute, right? Right?!

But no one was controlling the ship. Not yet, anyway.

It knew exactly how to guide itself into orbit.

And, once it did, the engines ceased their action, much like gravity.

They took off their belts and gazed out the windows, at the planet, at the stars, at each others' hair floating freely.

They laughed and rejoiced as they circled the globe. What an experience.

Time meant nothing, but soon they were strapping back again for the descent.

And soon they'd be getting nervous again.

The reentering wouldn't be soft.

The whole ship shook, and all that could be seen through every window were incredibly huge flames like they had never witnessed before.

There was an attempt at a joke about a barbecue, but no one could hear it.

They smiled nervously at each other, but they couldn't do much else.

The clattering sound made it impossible for them to hear themselves.

It stopped abruptly, and they all laughed. They were alive, after all.

The ship guided itself down, safely back to the point from where they had departed.

They got off the ship and took off the suits.

As they were about to leave, one of them kept staring back at the ship.

 - What?

 - I just still can't believe you bought this old piece of crap. I’m not even sure this is legal.

 - Of course it’s legal. Come on, we’re late for dinner!

And they all teleported to the restaurant.

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