Macoatl (Commission)
Here’s a little tune I made for the webcomic Macoatl! (EN)
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Raisin' the Volume!
$1 or more per Song 3 patrons
You get my eternal thanks and song previews!
I Make This Look GOOD!
$3 or more per Song 9 patrons
  • Wallpapers! You get access to a set of wallpaper sized version of the pixel track art! 
  • All Previous Rewards!
Oh, Let's Break it Down!
$7 or more per Song 1 patron
  • You'll be able to download the .vsqx files of any song I post on patreon as well as instrumental/karaoke versions of my original music!
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Give Yourself to the Rhythm!
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  • You'll get a monthly thank you letter and pixel stickers!
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And the Beat Goes On!
$35 or more per Song 0 patrons
  • You get a special download link for any albums/EPs I release in the Future!
  • Optional: You can ask about how I made something and I'll show you how it's done!
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Oh, This is My Jam!
$45 or more per Song 0 patrons
  • You get to pick (with my approval) one song a month to be made into a chiptune cover!
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