Madaki Big Bingonaught
All Madaki can survive the harsh vacuum of space as well as survive the torrents of descending and ascending atmospheres. There are some pockets of the void that is too cold or too hot for them to endure. Big Bingonaughts can survive unfathomable temperatures both hot and cold as well as survive toxic environments. Although they may look unimpressive, their suits are incredibly resilient to physical force, to the point where Bingonaughts make for the ultimate shock troopers. Madaki don't actually breath, but they are still susceptible to airborne toxins and certainly skin based toxins. The suit's resilience comes from a special chemical mix, which incidentally creates a mold like substance that can poison the wearer. The only way to kill a Bingonaught is to destroy the anti-toxin chemical being fed via the tanks on their backs to poison the wearer with their own super-suit.