Maddy Kettle Thumbnails Part 14
So, as you might have noticed these thumbnails look quite a bit different from what I've been posting. This is because I have been posting my thumbnails from the 2nd draft in this series but now I have a bunch of thumbnails from a 3rd draft. The 3rd draft is easier to see and includes the dialogue so I thought I'd just switch to these. They are easier to understand plus it hopefully gives you more insight into my process.

In this sequence Maddy and Silvio have had a meal with Sam. I should really indicate the ongoing suspicions Maddy has about Sam here but haven't figured that out yet. The book is already quite long and I'm concerned about squeezing more in.

Sam than takes them to the Temple library so they can find some clues about the mysterious creatures attacking the Cloudscape.

And that's really it! The idea here is Maddy and Silvio are disagreeing about Sam and the story gets pushed forward as they go to the library.