Made A Ring of Marigolds
Management Monday has extended itself through the whole week this week. 

What is Management Monday? 

It's the day of the week I do all the necessary things. I love illiteration a lot, and so I named Management Monday as such because it makes doing all the un-creative things it takes to be a professional artist a little bit creative. It has a nice ring to it, No?  Also, lumping all the arts management stuff into one day means that as soon as I am done, I get to be creative the rest of the week without worry. 

This week is a plunked down week, as we are staying put in the little flat, farm sitting. It is blustery out there, so sitting next to the heater and Managing things is cozy and satisfying. 

One of my management tasks this week was to apply for a grant- which required a retooling of my artist statement and CV (Curriculum Vitae), as well as choosing 14 images to attach to the application.  Another task I chose to do was make a pinterest board of my own work as a way to get it out there in the world in another expansive way (I have mixed feelings about this- and would enjoy a conversation about the pros and cons of doing so with my fellow artists...lets chat). Doing both of these tasks meant I looked at all that I've made in the last nine years, which I haven't done in quite a while.  Talk about memory lane strolls!  

Looking at the body of work I've created with (sorta) fresh eyes means I can make constellations and connections between pieces that I haven't made before. It reminds me of things I need to reconsider, both technically and thematically.  

I often list "Secret Messages" as one of my mediums, and it is. Sometimes, they are even secret to me. Until later. 

If I had tiny printouts of all my pieces, I would make a circle around myself, like a ring of marigolds. I would arrange and rearrange them by color, by subject, by shape. I would see what they want to tell me this time, instead of them being the embodiment of my voice.  

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