The MadGod Fundraiser Has Changed!
Important update: MadGod Season 1 has undergone changes, and many of those do affect the Patreon campaign. Here is a change log to keep you in the know. You may want to cancel or increase your pledge to the MadGod Patreon due to these changes, so please take note now:

- Each song will now be released in video game form on personal computers, as well as in basic audio form. These are called Episodes. Each of these episodes are small games which have one MadGod song playing inside them. The minimum patronage for each of these Episodes will now be $2, yet I believe early supporters will be grandfathered into this reward. If not, I will hand-deliver the Episodes to the early supporters until they can change their pledge amount.

- The MadGod fragrance, Phantosmia, is no longer a Goal for this fundraiser. It has already been developed and is now accepting pre-orders and offering samples of the cologne at

- Other changes to MadGod's goals and rewards have occurred. There are less rewards being produced to make room for the infinitely more awesome new Episode format! Before, each episode was to be a song with an accompanying video, yet now, each Episode will be a song with an accompanying video game level! Please view the rewards again to reconsider your pledge amount to the MadGod fundraiser!

We here at Azurean Studios hope these changes will ignite your excitement for MadGod Season 1 as much as they have for us on the team.

If you have any concerns or questions,

[email protected]

or call Azurean Studios at;

1-855-753-3435 (1-855-PLEDGE-5)

Have an imaginative day!