Madness: A Found Poem from Bram Stoker's Dracula

Madmen freely tend sanity
Malice listens
My carnal madness rests in my dreams
My dreams are deadly castles
Castles systematically taint life
Sanity, disease, insanity
Decay in transcendentalism
My dear friend
Stay inside

I participated in a challenge the other day to create a found poem using the OuliPoetry Prisoner's Constraint method. Essentially, this is writing a poem using only words with letters that don't have ascenders or descenders, so I couldn't use words like "the" or "you." I copied the text of Dracula into and selected Prisoner's Constraint to get rid of the offending words. From there, I compiled the resulting poem with the left over words.

I had several drafts, but the above is the one that I felt made sense and felt finished.