MAGA??? Follow the Constitution!!!
Episode 904   We keep hearing folks say “make America great again” and it's a good slogan but do folks know how to MAGA?  God and his word used to be taught in the vast majority of American households, but that is not the case any more.  The US Constitution used to be taught in the majority of American schools, that's not the case anymore!!!

 If we want to MAGA, we need to bring God out of the shadows and back into the public discourse.  To many so called Christians have tried to force God on others and have turned many folks away from God and His Word.  Forcing the Gospel on folks was not how Jesus and his apostles did it.  They brought the Gospel into the public square to be debated and reasoned about!!!  We need to have civil public discourse about God, Jesus, and his Word, only then will you influence folks and start a dialog!!!

 Bringing the US constitution back into the public square would be another good thing to do.  In America today the Constitution has become a dirty word, an antiquated piece of paper that will not work in today's society.  WE need to have a civil public discourse about freedom, liberty and how the Constitution protects and promotes both!!!

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