The Swarovski crystals in this piece are Magenta, which I bought on a whim. The problem is not many of my beads pair well with bright blazing magenta. So I saw these beads and thought hey, those will match. Of course now I have a bunch of magenta and green beads to pair with something once the magenta Swarovskis run out. So I'll find some other beads, then find something to match *them* when the other is gone and...

Beading is a bit like the old lady who swallowed a fly. 

Today, I'm going out to get packing material on the off chance my pieces start to sell. I can weigh everything and switch from free shipping guestimated into the price, only in the US, and offer accurate shipping internationally.

From now til Seattle I'll be making bath bombs. It'll be weird changing my routine, but probably good for me or something.

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