Magic Girl - Myra
The first sketch showing Myra's face, hair and body type. She was the first of the 4 girls that I ever created, and she was originally known as just the Magic Girl in my sprite asset gallery. Like the others, she will have a more detailed costume designed for her and a color scheme version of this sketch at a later date. 

Being the oldest of the girls she is all together serious, steadfast, and drips maternal instinct and understanding far beyond her years. The Magic Boy character is her younger brother, though only by a year.  

I originally came up with a class of clerics/magic users that can internalize their magic power to boost their physical capabilities. The idea came when I once tried to play D&D and was told that magicians couldn't have strong physical capabilities. I was pretty miffed that they wouldn't let me use the idea to play, so I ended up never playing. I have other characters in other stories that are also warrior clerics/magic users; Sirena from Wandering White being one of the most powerful. Hey, if you don't like something, create your own, right?

You can see her 'free-to-use' sprites here! 

RPG Maker XP - Walk Cycles  
Myra - Character Sheet

RPG Maker XP - Walk Cycles - CHIBI  
Myra - Character Sheet

RPG Maker 2003 - Walk Cycles  
Myra - Character Sheet 01 

Myra - Character Sheet 02