I made this for my grandmother for Christmas. It's a regular locket, lovely and bright and silver, but filled with phosphorescent pigments instead of a photo. She loves it! She will be 95 years old in March. :) Although she is excited for my victories in art, it's a bit difficult for her to understand what it is that I paint. She often comments that she has trouble explaining my art to her friends. My hope is for this locket to be a bridge between the world she knows and the world I create for myself. Maybe when she wakes up one night and sees it glowing on her nightstand, all the missing pieces of why I do what I do will fall into place. I'm hoping she'll have that brief moment of childlike awe and fascination that her silver locket has morphed into a radtastic-transformer glow-in-the-dark secret-decoder necklace with magical healing powers and the ability to become invisible at will. Or something. ;) ❤