Magical Girl Posse Fantasy Football League returns!
tl;dr: The Taralynn fan Fantasy Football league is returning. It's not a super serious league so even if you don't know the NFL, you should join. Each team drafts 3 cheerleaders too. Winner of the League gets a picture with their cheerleaders. Taralynn is the defending champ of her own league and is awesome and the reign of Taralynn will be forever ahahahahahaha! Maximum number of teams is 14 so hurry up and join! Go below if you want more


Last year, Taralynn's Fantasy Football team, the Angelcakekickers, dominated the MGPFFL and defeated Joni's "The Sunflowers" to claim the title! The reward was a wonderful image of her cheerleaders (having been drafted before the season) of Tanya Tell, Lt. Moden, and Rylie Dreese (Rule 63 Robert Dreese) cheering the Angelcakekickers onto victory!

Well, we're doing it again! Season 2 of MGPFFL will have the same format as last year and anyone can join as long as they can make the live draft on Wednesday, September 5th at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern.

In addition to drafting players, we will also be drafting cheerleaders. That's right. You draft 3 cheerleaders from the Taralynn stories and, should you win, the February pin-up image will be a poster of your victory just like I got last season. But this year, I'm throwing in a bonus! Because I'm the defending champ, should you beat me... I will be joining your team's cheer roster and be in the picture! That's right! We will be starting a tradition of the defending champ has to defend their title if they don't want to end up cheering for the other's team!

So, who is available for cheer drafting? Here is your list!

Whew! That's an exhaustive list! So yes, everyone will draft 3 people from this list. We will draft in reverse order of the standings last year. New teams will be added to the back of the draft list to reward the returning players. So right now the draft order for cheerleaders is:

1) Blue Boxers
2) The Pep Tunes
3) Monster Mashers
4) The Taskmasters
5) Persistent Pixies
6) Baronesses
7) Sunflowers
8) The Angelcakekickers

Along with your cheerleaders you'll need to let me know what your cheerleader's uniforms will be. The formula is simple, you give me a picture of a cheerleader uniform you like (I chose Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders' uniform) and your team's colors (I chose yellow and orange). Boom. There is your team's cheer uniform.

So yeah, the League is silly and fun. Even if you don't know the NFL super well I hope you will join. It's a fun way to enjoy the football season without having to have tons of stakes involved. Plus I am the defending champ and someone needs to knock me off my high horse or I am going to become difficult to deal with :P

So, if you'd like to join the MGPFFL please click this link and I look forward towards the draft next Wednesday!

Oh, and if you're a returning player, please let me or Kami (he runs the league) know that you will or won't be returning so we know exactly how many people will be there!

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