The Magician Mock-Up
Happy Friday, all! So here's a quick mock-up of the Magician card I did this afternoon, practicing photography and graphics skills. (I still have a year before I have to have final files, so plenty of time to brush up.) No color correction and only a little bright/contrast tweaking. My plan is for the cards to not have borders, and for the text to be very simple so as to not detract from the images themselves. Keep in mind that I'm working with GIMP 2.0, which while it does a lot of the things Photoshop does, has its limitations (particularly with regards to text effects). Like I could pretty easily add a drop shadow to the text here, but anything fancier may or may not work. Also keep in mind that my photography and graphics skills are still fairly rudimentary, and this project is going to be an excuse to get better. So what are your thoughts? I'm open to your constructive feedback! And thank you :)
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