Magickal Menagerie: My Main Spiritual Hustle
My main work for the past few years has been working with Spirit Guides and conjuring them with my friend Carmen to help connect people with the spirit world. Everyone has a spirit and everyone has their own guides. Connecting with spirit guides helps you to open up to the spirit realm and get more insight into the flow of the energies that guide you. Opening your intuition and moving forward on your spiritual journey will help you to understand my work a lot more. 

We have had two cross country tours teaching at Pagan Events, Paranormal Expo's, and small hometown spiritual venues. My focus with this business is teaching psychic awareness, spiritual practice in all aspects, and connecting people with guides and messages from a divine source. 

This is my main business where I sell: 

-Psychic Readings/Counseling

-Enchanted Jewelry

-Spiritual Workbooks and How-To Guides

This is the master link to all my spiritual writings as well. On our main site you can find all of our social media and blog links, as well as our online store. I posted this so you all can learn a little more about my mission in life and the work I have already done. 

As a medium and spiritual researcher, I delve into many types of magic and spiritual work - teaching and sharing as I go. Your contribution helps me to keep this business going and supports my separate personal work.