Maharajah for M3

Here is DarwinMishap's Ahmad for G3M wearing Maharajah for M3  by Renapd (Rendo). There are many pieces to this set, including jewelry, hats, swords, the chair and ottoman, several clothing items and a really cool long coat that I'll render next. There are a ton of textures, all mix and match. You can get so many looks from this set. There's a FREE add on expansion  that includes even more textures and even an M3 Majaharah character. 

It renders very well in Iray, and I suspect even better in Poser. There are also poses for M3 and the clothing, but I'm not sure how to even begin converting those over. I adjusted a pose here, and there's still a bit of collision because these clothes are billowy. A little texture stretching too, but not bad. Deformers, smoothers, or VWD might help, but overall I think it looks very good. 

It is a bit grainy. Hammam  (background) is a memory hog and somehow my render settings got reset, so the render ended at 2 hours.