Maia vs Condit - Metal/MMA: R&B

Join us this week as we discuss Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on Fox 21, which is expected to be headlined by Maia vs Condit, the current interim welterweig<wbr>ht champion taking on the former middleweig<wbr>ht champion. Rounds and Breakdowns hash out the Mcgregor vs Diaz fight from UFC 202Jon Jones coming back! Mark Hunt hates on Brock Lesnar.</wbr></wbr>

Heavy metal icons Metallica release new music and announces heavy tour plans in 2017, UK metalcore band Architects guitar players passing, and tech metal band Allegaeon covering prog rock, Rush.

Listen to our featured local band of the week Bad Lads from Milwaukee, WI.  Their new single "Real Talk" is chalk full of deathcore goodness. Come hang out and listen to MattNathan and Ken get schwifty with this episode.