Mailing out your worthless crap!
Yesterday a received $414 from Patreon. It's a bit less than what was pledged, but I'm not complaining because $414 is AMAZING. I'm also happy it wasn't over $500, because now I feel like I have an extra month or two to figure out what's going to be on the poster milestone. So today I've been packing up compact discs, stickers, papers and other things to mail out to everyone. I will be mailing out everything on Monday, so you should get your useless things soon. I caught myself nearly forgetting to put things in a couple of them, so hopefully I didn't actually forget to enclose anything. If I did, please let me know and I will send whatever is missing. I know those tickets to Heaven are important to people like you. If YOU have any ideas on things I should include in future packages, let me know! Post your ideas in the comments here or send me a message. I feel like a cheapskate because I'm not sending out more than I am. I will do my best to come up with new things each month though. A reminder to $5 donators - just this month I'm sending you a slightly larger package than you'll normally get. You're all getting the CD and a couple buttons, so ENJOY! And try not to be disappointed next month when you only get a boring envelope with boring stuff in it. If you think CDs are STUPID, like I do, then be sure to give yours to someone who is technologically challenged and still uses CDs. Put it in someone's car if they have a CD player or give it to your parents. Spread the love of PLA! One more thing - the music video for I Phreak Alone is going great! People have sent me some really good footage for it, but I could always use more. If you can film something within the next 5 days, do it and send it to me. Details about the video are on in the latest video. And if you want to hear the I Phreak Alone song, it's in the last 2 episodes of The Snow Plow Show. Thanks for everything, everyone! Brad