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Finally! I need to do the back and side views but for the moment that will work.

I wanted to explain why Carbonfit (the other archivist who's an OC) looks so similar to Orion... I swear it's not only because I'm lazy —which I am— but because I was thinking about an archivist's role and position and how their frames should reflect that. 

So, both Orion and Carbonfit are in the "middle class of their own guild," they are specialized archivists in a science field that work in a Hall of Records and both have a modest vehicle altmode. In contrast, Rewind would be at the lowest of their Guild (being only a data drive), but there are other kinds of archivists in a lot of another areas (like accountants, librarians, archivists in various private and governmental offices, etc).

Both share a similar frame because they are both the same type of worker, and I decided to take the TFA rute and have only small variations between mechs of the same type.

Of course, Impactor and Megs are not exactly very similar so there's the exception to the rule I guess. I'll explain it by saying that they have different altmodes and functions but are still miners, which requires more specialized machinery than librarians??? xD

To end this long post, I want to say that Impactor is the one that came out the best????? Wtf.

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